… If someone ends up showing a little indifference, he is easily besieged and imprisoned by the miracles of the wicked and sly dragon. Such a person will appear unforgivable in the judgment. Because with his own eyes he believed willfully the tyrant…”

“… Be careful, brethren, of the haughtiness of the beast and the wicked crafts, because he begins with the belly. So that when someone ends up in difficulty deprived of food, he will be forced to accept the mark of him. In order that a person not have difficulty in accepting the mark, the wretched one does not carve it on all parts of the body; but on the right hand of man, so that a person will not have the power to form the symbol of Christ (i.e., make the sign of the Cross). Similarly on the forehead he carves the impious mark (Rev 13:26). If someone does not accept the mark of him, he is not imprisoned by the fantastic wonders. Nor also does the Lord depart from such a person, but He illumines his heart and draws him near Him. If we keep with sincerity the firm faith of Christ, we will easily scatter the power of the Enemy, we will obtain an unshakable and pious thought; and the weak Enemy will depart from us, because he will not have the power to do anything.”

“… Dreadful, my brethren, is the struggle in all Christ-loving people so that till the time of death none cower, nor be negligent, when the dragon (the Antichrist) will be carving his seal instead of the Cross of the Savior. Because he will use every manner so that the name of our Lord and Savior is not mentioned in his time.”

“… His coming will become manifest to those who have their mind attached to things above. To those, however, who have their mind in earthly cares and long for earthly things, they will not become manifest.”