Wednesday evening – Presanctified Liturgy at 6:00
Fridays in March – The Akathist to the Mother of God
Saturday – Great Vespers at 6:30 (There is no Vespers on the First Saturday of the Month)

Saturday, April 7th – Saturday of Lazarus AND the Holy Annunciation – 8:00 Hours, 8:30 Divine Liturgy; 6:30 PM Great Vespers

Sunday, April 8th – Palm Sunday – 9:00 Hours, 9:30 Divine Liturgy

April 9th, Great and Holy Monday – 7:00pm Bridegroom Service

April 11th, Great and Holy Wednesday – 6:30pm Holy Oil

April 12th, Great and Holy Thursday – 6:30pm Passion Gospels

April 13th, Great and Holy Friday – 11:00am Royal Hrs;  2:00pm Great Vespers to commemorate the Unnailing from the Cross Vespers; 6:30pm Lamentations

April 14th, Great and Holy Saturday – 8:00am St. Basil’s Vesperal Liturgy; 11:00pm Reading of Acts; Midnight-Paschal Service