Their sound hath gone forth into all the Earth and their voice unto the end of the world

The Holy Spirit filled the early church, bringing forth Prophets and teachers, miracle workers and martyrs. So great are those personalities of the early church that since the earliest days, the fathers have given the proper glory to those special Saints: the Holy Apostles of the Twelve and the Holy Apostles of the Seventy. Countless Saints and Martyrs will confess Christ over the centuries, but none can reach lofty heights of these Apostles. Truly their voices resound throughout the whole world as they are the mouthpieces of the holy spirit!

“The Holy Disciple Philip from amongst the Seventy (not to be confused with Saint Philip the Apostle from amongst the Twelve, the Commemoration of whom is on 14 November), was born in Palestine. He was married and had children.
After the Descent of the Holy Spirit, the Twelve Apostles made him a deacon in the Jerusalem Church, and with the other six deacons they entrusted him to deal with the offerings of the faithful and attend to the concerns of the widowed, the orphaned and the needy. The eldest among the Seven First-Deacons was the holy Archdeacon Stephen. When a persecution began, and the Jews had stoned the First-Martyr Stephen, the Disciple Philip departed from Jerusalem. He settled in Samaria, and there he successfully preached Christianity. Among the converts of the disciple was the noted magician Simon who, “having been baptized, did not leave from Philip” (Acts 8: 9-13).

At the command of an Angel of the Lord the disciple set out upon the road connecting Jerusalem with Gaza, and there he met a dignitary of the empress of Ethiopia, whom also he converted to Christianity (Acts 8: 26-39). The holy disciple Philip tirelessly preached the Word of God in many of the lands of the Near East adjoining Palestine. At Jerusalem the Apostles ordained him to the dignity of bishop and sent him to Lydia, where he baptised many. Saint Philip died in old age.”

Source: Menologion 3.0