What does faithfulness mean?

Faithfulness means excellence. Faithfulness doesn’t necessarily mean doing more, but doing things better. Doing our best in every situation is one proof of faithfulness. It includes our financial stewardship, family responsibilities, job assignments, and ministry opportunities. God is primarily concerned with how we handle the unnoticed, everyday deeds that don’t make the newspaper headlines on earth. In God’s eyes little things truly are big.

Faithfulness means integrity. Faithfulness means that we are above moral reproach at all times. Remember: God still sees us, even when no one else is watching.

A store owner interviewed a young man for a job and he asked, “If I hire you to work in my store, will you be honest and truthful?” The young man answered, “I will be honest and truthful whether you hire me or not.”

Faithfulness means dependability. A lazy worker retired and a dinner was given in his honor, to present him an award. The Toastmaster said, “As a token of our appreciation, we would like to give you this watch to serve as a constant reminder of your faithfulness to our company. It has to be wound frequently, it’s always a little late, and it quits working every day at a quarter till four.” Does that describe you?
Faithful people can be relied upon to fulfill their commitments. When a job is delegated to a faithful worker the boss never has to worry if the job will get done.

Faithfulness means perseverance. Vance Havner once said, “Too many people go up like rockets and come down like rocks.” Lots of people start running the race of life with a flash, but few finish well. Others might get sidetracked or drop out of the race, but we must keep running with our eyes fixed on Jesus. Faithfulness means that we persevere to the finish line.

-via Isaac Troskie