Stephen King’s novels are famous for their explicit gore.  Monsters, murders, rapes, and vengeance are all described in picturesque terms, with an alarming level of alacrity.

In this sense, the Bible is similar to a Stephen King novel.  A cursory look through the book of Judges (or even the book of Genesis) will reveal a number of stories about demons, murder, rape, lust, battles, power struggles, and sexual intrigue.

But there is an important difference between Scripture and Stephen King novels. . .  In many of the stories by Stephen King, darkness gets the upper-hand.


What we should consider at this tender time of year as we prepare for Nativity in the flesh of our Lord, God, and Saviour Jesus Christ is that the Bible does not “candy coat” the history of ancient Israel, nor does it even try to ‘tame’ the ancestors of Christ. For truly, the descendants of Abraham and David were not all righteous. Still, the genealogy of Christ that we read in the Gospels demonstrate the true humanity that man was able to experience when our God became incarnate for our salvation. This great condescension is an awesome mystery and the example par-excellence of the incredible love our God has for us. The Gospels make our Lord very real to us and the stories of God’s ancestors in the flesh draw us ever closer to His boundless love for us!

A man-befriending God, glory be Thee.