"Try to know yourself, your own wickedness. Think on the greatness of God and your wretchedness. Meditate on the suffering of Christ, the magnitude of Whose love and suffering surpass our understanding. Ascribe the good that you do to God alone. Do not think about the sin of a brother but about what in him is better than in yourself …. Flee from glory, honors and praise, but if this is impossible, be sorry that such is your lot. Be benevolent to people of low origin. Be freely and willingly obedient not only to those above you but to those below …. The lowlier we are in spirit, the better we know ourselves, and without humility we cannot see God."

Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk

Beloved Christians, how often it is seen that with the ascension to rank and power, man is easily corrupted. Again, how frequently we see those of fame and fortune casting down those of lesser state. Power corrupts. The cure for this vainglory is humility. Let us be contrite and give thanks to God for all things, for He alone is the author and giver of every good.