A humble and spiritually active man, when he reads the Holy Scriptures, will refer everything to himself and not to another.
 St. Mark the Ascetic
 “Two Centuries on Spiritual Law”
 (Early Fathers from the Philokalia)
Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, how often it is that we are agitated by perceived failures in others. How easy it is to is to lay blame at the feet of another. During the Triodion period, we hear the Gospel lesson concerning the Publican and Pharisee and we see the one vaunted by his own conceits in how he is such a good almsgiver and observer of the law. Let us flee this conceited vaunting and aspire to the divine wisdom of Saint Mark. When we see the faults of others, let us remind ourselves of our own faults. When we are agitated with the behavior of one near to us, let us consider how we irritate others. When we read the sacred scriptures, let us pray that we may benefit and that the words take root in our hearts. Christian, contemplate the divine writ and make ammends today.
O Lord enlighten the eyes of our understanding and soften our hearts to learn Thy statutes.