Adorned in the blood of Thy Martyrs throughout all the world, as in purple and fine linen; the Church through them doth cry out with a great voice o Christ our God. Send down Thy compassions upon Thy people, grant peace to the world, and great mercy to our soul.

To the Orthodox living in the remnant of the Ottoman Empire, captivity was most cruel. The sons of Hagar proved to be of one mind with the sons of Pharoah, for the New-Martyrs suffered under oppression of their cruel task masters for 400 years.

To the Glory of God, the New-Martyrs were sons and daughters of the common man. They were tailors and jewelers, ship captains and fair maidens, children and soldiers. Every occupation gave way to a faithful servant of Christ, willing to confess that Jesus Christ is God and Mohammed a false prophet.

O Holy New-Martyrs, your names have been inscribed in the Book of Life. Pray to Christ God that He save our souls.