“And Pilate, willing to do that which was satisfactory to the crowd, released from Barabbas to them; and he delivered up Jesus,  after he scourged Him, in order that he might be crucified. ” Capture

The crowd is always wrong.  Cowards and those who do not think or live according to purpose follow the crowd.  It has always been this way; it always will be.

It takes courage and conviction to not follow the crowd,  whether it be our peers,  societal expectations,  or our increasingly insane politicians and leaders. The great delusions of our time are accelerating,  and increasingly invading of every aspect  of our life.

What will keep you from following the crowd? Do not answer knowledge,  or education, or even belief. If you do not cultivate virtue (which the crowd is opposing and even punishing),  you will be deceived.

Father Seraphim Holland