It is of little use to prove by human logic and words that Christ’s teaching is of God. The quickest and most dependable way to prove His veracity is to do the will of God in the way that Christ expounded and to which He bore witness. Whoever does this, he also will know.
     If you weep for the sake of God, you know how God is consolation; if you are compassionate, you know the compassion of God. If you make peace, you will learn how it becomes you to be called a son of God. If you forgive men, you will know how God forgives you.
     No man can ever discover that Christ’s teaching is from God but he who does the will of God. For only the doing of the will of God, the fulfilling of the commandments of God, is the key to unlock Paradise, in which God is seen. That is the key to the understanding of Holy Scripture and all the secrets of the Revelation.
     St. Basil writes:
Purity of life is necessary in order to recognize that which is hidden in Holy Scripture.
                                                                      Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic
                                                                      “Prologue from Ochrid”