“What was it that above all struck me in the works of the Fathers of the Orthodox Church? It was their harmony, their wondrous, magnificent harmony. Eighteen centuries, through their lips, testified to a single unanimous teaching, a Divine teaching!”

—St. Ignaty (Brianchaninov)

Beloved, behold the words of one of the great fathers of these last times. In these words we recognize that this Holy Father clearly understood the spirit of the Church. Is it not this harmony of which our Lord speaks when He commands us to love one another. Perhaps the reason schism and heresy are so wicked and destructive is because they disrupt this harmony, this ” one-ness” in Christ.
This spirit of harmony also points clearly to the way wherein we should walk. When we are besieged by troubles concerning the faith, let us yearn for the harmony of the fathers, rejecting anything that brings discord – this is the Divine teaching.

O Thou lover of man, Christ our God, glory be to Thee.