Beloved, many of our family have beheld a season of Mysteries:
– The Baptism, Chrismation, and Communing of our dear Katerina
– The Ordination to the Sub Diaconate of David
– The celebration of Holy Unction prior to the feasts of the Dormition and Sts. Peter and Paul
– The preparation for the Great Feasts through prayer and confession
– The tonsure of the Rassophore Monk Jordan
– The wedding of Peter and Julie
– And the funeral of our beloved John

The Mysteries in the Church guide us on the path of life. From the birth of a child and the prayers on the eighth and fortieth days; to the regular participation in the Mysteries of Confession and Communion – the great Mysteries are the spiritual remedy for all of our ills. It is no wonder that is was said “in the old country” to first call the priest, then the doctor. This is not to diminish medicine, but rather to affirm the life-saving mysteries of Christ.

As we witness these Mysteries, let us reaffirm our vows at Baptism, let us watch with Peter as The Lord healed his mother-in-law, as we hear in the service of Holy Unction. Let us confess like the thief that the Lord may remember us in His kingdom. When we see the service of Betrothal and the crowning, let us contemplate on the martyrdom we endure in marriage where we renounce our old self and are united mystically to our spouse. As we stand by and cry axios, he is worthy, during an ordination let us remember how we too may serve our Lord, the church, and the faithful. And finally, as we stand by the grave, let us consider well that we too are mortal and always keep the remembrance of death, not for fear and worry, but rather to consider well our need for repentance and our Lord’s great and abundant mercy.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, amen.