Beloved brothers and sisters-in-Christ,
The news today is filled with word of bloodshed and violence in lands that once were the cradles of Christianity. How quickly we forget the church is established upon the toils, the labors, the sweat, and the blood of the righteous.

Sts Raphael Nicholas and Irene
In a recent article from, we are reminded of the following:

In the 2nd century, Tertullian claimed the blood of the martyrs would be the seed of Christians. His words have been reechoed by the Church for centuries because we know them to be true. Who would have thought, during the empire wide persecution of Christians under Emperor Diocletian in A.D. 303-304, that a decade later Christianity would become a legal religion of the Roman Empire under Constantine and the predominant religion of the empire by the close of that century.


Truly, then the faithful must have felt as if the whole world were against them, yet they understood that it is better to lose to the world than to lose Christ. Our God is greater that all the tribulation that the evil one can muster. As in the dawn of Christianity there was violence against the church, so in dusk, the latter times there again is violence. Some might lament,

if only we could be as brave as the Saints, the Martyrs, and the Confessors!

Let our hearts be comforted for our Lord Himself promised that He would be with us even til the end of time.

what God is so great as our God. Thou art God, Who alone workest wonders.