Memory of the Holy Martyr PORPHYRIUS the ACTOR

Porphyrius was an actor in the days of the Emperor Julian the Apostate (361-3). In the course of his birthday celebrations, the Emperor ordered Porphyrius to mimic and make fun of the Christian mysteries. He was thrown into the water crying out, “The servant of God Porphyrius is baptized in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” and he put on the white robe of the newly-illumined.Then he was touched by the grace of God and he believed in very truth in Christ Whose Name he confessed boldly. Saint Porphyrius was immediately beheaded, and so it was as a holy Martyr that he ended his act.

From the Synaxaristes of Simonospetras

Beloved, such a striking story for this Martyr of Christ! The life of St
Porphyrius reminds us in a remarkable way that the ‘externals’ of the Faith, such as the triple-immersion of Baptism, have a power that can work to convert the heart of man. St. Porphyrius used the words of Holy Baptism not only carelessly but mockingly, yet by God’s grace he emerged from the waters truly renewed into Christ.
In these days the media – movies, television, music – is so filled with blasphemies,  filth and wickedness. Let us look to Saint Porphyrius as a new patron Saint and intercessor in our struggles against the new devices of the evil one.
To our God be all glory unto endless ages.