A simple explanation for the reason why this week is like no other week…Let us too keep vigil in our hearts for the suffering our Lord endured for us.

(Holy) Great Week

 “How fast  Great Lent has passed! How is it Great Week is already here? I didn’t even realize it!” Mother said to Daphnoula and Kostaki, her children. Daphnoula asked: “Mother, why do we call this week “Great”? “Because, my child, on these days, Christ suffered many pains from evil people, and at the end they crucified Him,” Mother replied.

At that moment, down in the street, the kids were disturbing the peace with their loud voices. It was  Photis, Alekos, and other neighborhood children who were shouting. What laughter! What yelling! What a raucous! To Mother this behavior seemed very inappropriate. Such a sorrowful day, and the kids to be shouting so loudly! So she went downstairs and said to them:

“Children, if you had someone your own who was suffering, would you be doing what you are doing right now? Would you be laughing, running, and filling the neighborhood with your shouts?” The children did not know why she was telling them these things, and looked at her silently. Only Takis said to her: “But we don’t have anyone of our own suffering. Why shouldn’t we be laughing and shouting?”

Mother replied to him: “Truly, we do have Someone our very own, my children, Who is suffering! We have our Christ! All this Great Week He is suffering, He is being tortured, He is being crucified. It’s not right for us, as Christians, not to be empathizing with Him, not to be feeling His pain. It is for us that He suffered on the Cross!”

Mother said nothing more to them and went back upstairs. But the children realized their mistake and became silent. In fact, Alekos, who was the oldest of all, felt even more sorry and said to his friends:

“That’s true, kids!  We should have thought about this on our own! It’s not right for the bells to be ringing, to be having vigils, to be in Great Week,  and for us to be shouting. All these holy days of Great Week we should be serious and careful. We should be going to church and attending with reverence the sacred services.”