After the bright and radiant feast of Pascha, many have commented that they feel a bit of a let-down. Holy Week is truly an incredible and moving week. The Divine Services are beautiful and unique, filled with beautiful hymns and emotion as we follow our Saviour to His voluntary Passion. Renewal Week is bright and jubilant, though quiet.

We may ask, how we can keep the brilliant flame of the Resurrection of our Lord burning in our hearts?
For Orthodox Christians the answer is simply this, we do not merely observe the Resurrection but we must participate in it. How else can our lives be transformed? How else can we truly say that “yesterday I was buried with Thee O Christ and today I arise in the arising”?

Here are some practical things we can do to add more fuel to keep the flame in our hearts burning with Paschal joy:

  • Attend the Divine Services during Renewal Week
  • Read the Paschal Hours twice daily, once in the morning and again in the evening.
  • Read the Acts of the Apostles and the Gospel of John to deepen our understanding of the events we have recently witnessed.
  • Greet brothers and sisters-in-Christ with the joyful proclamation that Christ is Risen
  • Chant the hymns of the Paschal Canon or the Paschal Service, even in small parts. The words of the hymns supercede even the most majestic of man-made poetry.
  • Visit the sick, infirm, or elderly members of our communities to share with them the joy of the Resurrection. Breaking of the Paschal eggs, nibbling on Paschal breads and treats, and sharing the Paschal joy can be a wonderful form of alsmgiving.
  • Read from the Fathers concerning the Resurrection.

Christ our everlasting Pascha is arisen from the Grave!