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Exapostilaria from the Great Canon to the Theotokos, as chanted during the festal period of the Dormtion of our Lady, the Theotokos

O ye Apostles from afar, being now gathered together here in the vale of Gethsemane, give burial to my body; and Thou, my Son and my God, receive Thou my spirit.

Thou art the sweetness of Angels, the gladness of afflicted ones, and the protectress of Christians, O Virgin Mother of our Lord; be thou my helper, and save me from out of eternal torments.

I have thee as Mediatress with the man-befriending God; may He not censure my actions before the hosts of the Angels. I supplicate thee, O Virgin, come unto mine aid most quickly.

Thou art a gold-entwined tower and twelve_wall encircled city, a throne besprinkled with sunbeams, a royal chair of the King. O inexplicable wonder! that thou dost milk-feed the Master.


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