Temptation is the mother of sin; sin the greatest contributor to guilt; and guilt to apathy. How many of us are so bound by feelings of guilt that we actually prevent ourselves from repenting, from doing what is right, and from completing our tasks.
Let us keep our faith and remember the words of the holy Prophet and King David, who taught us repentance through his psalms:

By the Lord are the steps of a man rightly directed, and His way shall he greatly desire. When he falleth he shall not be utterly cast down, for the Lord upholdeth his hand. Psalm 36

But what say the Fathers concerning trials and temptations? If the Lord is the giver of every good thing, why does He allow us to be tempted?

The lord allows the enemy to tempt us in order to
prove us, in order to strengthen our spiritual powers in
our struggle against the enemy, and so that we ourselves
may see more clearly towards what our heart inclines, whether it inclines to patience, hope, and love and in general to virtue, or to irritability, incredulity, murmuring, blasphemy, malice, and despair.
Therefore we must not be despondent, but must goodhumouredly and patiently bear spiritual darkness that descends upon our soul, the fire that weakens and inclines us to impatience and malice, the affliction and oppression, knowing that all these are indispensable in the order of our spiritual life, that by these the Lord is proving us. Do not let us blaspheme against the true way – the way of holy faith and virtue – and do not let us prefer the evil way. We are free, and must strengthen ourselves by every means and with all our power in faith and virtue, unto the laying
down of our life for the way of truth; and how can this be if we have no temptations?

St John of Kronstadt, My Life in Christ, p. 172