PRACTICAL TIP from our Brethren (Saint Edward Brotherhood)

AT ALL TIMES in church one should stand as still and quietly as possible and vigorously train children to do the same, but there are times when there should be absolutely no moving about in church, and perhaps it would be helpful to remind people of some of these:- during the reading of the Six Psalms (at the beginning of Mattins or about a third of the way through a Vigil Service – when the psalm reader stands in the centre of the church), during any reading of the Gospel, during the reading of special prayers by the priest, in the Divine Liturgy during the Cherubic Hymn and again from the beginning of the Creed until the end of the consecration (i.e. until the priest blesses after the consecration with the words: “And the mercies of our great God….”), during any recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, at “Holy Things for the holy,” and at the blessing. If you come into church late, it is a good idea to stand for a moment and listen to ascertain whether it is appropriate to move around, venerate icons or offer candles at that point.