Man…being endowed with reason and free will, received the power of
continuous union with God through his own choice, if indeed he should abide
in goodness, that is in obedience to his Maker. Since, however, he
transgressed the command of his Creator and became liable to death and
corruption, the Creator and Maker of our race, because of His bowels of
compassion, took on our likeness, becoming man in all things but without
sin, and was united to our nature. For since He bestowed on us His own
image and His own spirit and we did not keep them safe, He took Himself a
share in our poor and weak nature, in order that He might cleanse us and
make us incorruptible, and establish us once more as partakers of His

St. John of Damascus


Beloved, our sacred and cherished faith rivals none other. For no other confession is imbued with such joy and hope. Behold, our Holy Father John, one of the Great Fathers, encourages us with his words. So great was His love for man that our God took on our flesh to deify it and cleanse it to its primordial radiance. This is not a God of anger and vengeance, of strict obedience and blind law – this is our God and we shall rejoice in Him.

Psalms 31:24 
Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.