The most sacred adornment of the Church is the body of the faithful. Each babe, child, young adult, adult, and elderly person in attendance is a beautiful pearl and a priceless gem.

Often, indeed very often, we hear these words in the litanies throughout our divine services. In committing ourselves to Christ our God, we fulfill the great commandment to love our God with all of our heart, our mind, our soul, nay every bit of our substance. In committing ourselves unto Christ our God, we also commit ourselves into His great and abundant mercy. What greater consolation, what greater joy, what greater blessing can there be than to rest in our Lord’s loving embrace.

One might ask, “how do we commit ourselves unto Christ?” We look at the words and teaching of those who have united themselves to Christ, the Saints. Saint John Chrysostom uttered these awesome words as he breathed his last: “Glory be to God for all things.” In all things – joys and sorrows, temptations and trials, worries and fears – let us utter these words from the depths of our heart – “Glory be to Thee O God for all things that Thou hast set in order from me.” When we place our total trust in our God, we have no fears and no worries. To quote a popular contemporary phrase, “if God leads us to it, He will lead us through it.”

Blessed is our God Who loves us without end!