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We are blessed in the Orthodox Church to have the many saints of our Church as examples and who show us that it is possible to live a godly life. Saint Mary is a great example for all to follow, showing us the incredible example of repentance. 

We need to carefully study or even memorize these accounts as they aid us in acquiring the motivation, courage, and strength to continue with our life-long struggle towards the attainment of salvation. This is the case with the breathtaking life story of St. Mary of Egypt. The Church calls us to celebrate her life and accomplishments twice per year, once on her feast day (April 1st) and once on the fifth Sunday of Great Lent.

For those who are attentive and serious about their salvation, her life story is one that leaves us with great hope and understanding that some day, by the grace of God, we too can be saved, in spite of our sinful and unworthy state. Saint Mary transformed the wasteland that was her heart and her soul, battling against many demons that continually tormented her for 17 years with memories of her former life. With the Lord’s Grace she transformed the desert from a place of death to a place where everlasting life was attained. Saint Mary reminds us of the great power of prayer and repentance. What great height, what lofty achievements are attainable when prayer and fasting and labor are applied.

O Holy Mary pray unto God for us!

The Life of Saint Mary of Egypt by Saint Sophronios of Jerusalem