The Orthodox Church must be a beacon of light for the darkness of these times.

In an age of moral relativism, the absoluteness of the Apostolic Preaching of the saving Good News of our Saviour’s life-giving Passion and Resurrection should be the moral compass leading us through the fog of confusion. Have we fulfilled our responsibility to multiply the talents given to us from our Lord, individually and as a Church?

. . .when we call ourselves Orthodox, we are claiming that we belong to the true Church, . . . that we alone have the true message of Christ. . . . This means that we have a very heavy responsibility. . . . Now let us be frank and outspoken. Have you really fulfilled your obligation? Have you brought all your treasures . . . into the common treasury of American civilization? Now, Christianity is a universal truth. . . . It is not a delicate thing which must be protected. Christianity is a weapon which is given to men to be used in a resolute fight with evil and for truth on earth. . . .

Excerpt from Fr. Georges Florovsky’s address at St. Vladimir Seminary
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