Einstein considered a bigger hero than Jesus, says study

The postscript of this article reads: “Research conducted among almost 7,000 university students worldwide sees science take top spot. Among villains, however, George W. Bush came above Stalin and Mao.”

by Chris Matyszczyk
@ChrisMatyszczyk May 20, 2015 10:16 PM PDT

I make an attempt to keep abreast of the news, so the rise of an anti-Christian attitude is not new, unfortunately. Reading further, I found some interesting inferences of this author and the original article from which this was derived.

The author of this article posted today on CNET.Com the results of a study performed by the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country (is the only public university in the Basque Country, which is an autonomous community in Northern Spain). The authors of this study surveyed 6,902 students from all over the world about their heroes. (They also asked them about whom they see as the most villainous beings in history). Unfortunately we do not know any details about the sample and their relative religiosity.

According to the results of the report, which is posted on Phys.org, it seems that the biggest hero in the world is Einstein. Looking at the top entries he’s bigger than Mother Teresa. He’s bigger than Martin Luther King Jr. He’s bigger than Jesus Christ (he came in sixth).

The students who responded to this survey were, on average, 23 years old. They came from 37 countries. They all had quite similar notions of who their heroes were. They had very different notions about their villains.

According to Phys.org, the results of the evaluation have been published in the Plos One scientific journal and assert that historical figures help to create the base for building the transmission of moral lessons and behaviors.  Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2015-05-einstein-hitler-hero-villain-world.html#jCp

The article goes further and explains that This study was linked to a previous piece of work carried out in 30 countries and in which young adults were asked to name the most important figures and events in world history.

Throughout history, college students have been at the forefront of social issues and civil unrest, often harboring a rebellious spirit. The 20th century provides ample proof of this in the incredible turmoil that unfolded in the years leading up to the World Wars. To quote the author: “I worry about these students. They seem to enjoy too much contemporary navel-gazing and have little regard for the people who lived long before — and perpetrated far worse — than any contemporary figure.”

The study author, lecturer Dario Paez, offered: “When the surveyees were asked to respond spontaneously about who the most important figures in history were, names of political or military leaders were given because the things that occurred to the students were wars, conflicts and power struggles. But when the questions were closed ones and they sat down to think about them, the same students attached greater importance to scientists and other humanitarian figures.”

Our young and relatively inexperienced friends who participated in this study have a very narrow window of life experiences, leading to a certain naivete’ in world affairs and history. One also must ask the question if these participants were randomly selected and the level of their religiosity was considered. Having stated that, we must reason that this is not a sizable enough sample to be an accurate measure of larger populations. Still, the results are eye-opening. This study shows us that a certain population has placed greater value on science before religion, philanthropy, and charity. Perhaps this is a stretch to suggest this, but we must consider the growing spirit of this age and its source.

When I first saw this article, I was immediately reminded of the claims of a certain pop-musician that his band was more popular than Jesus. This occurred some 50 years ago and led to an incredible PR nightmare and backlash against this band, leading some members of the public into burning their records and memorabilia. Should this happen today, one wonders if the reaction would be as great?