God’s House is for all of us. Each of us has a place in Church and each of us should contribute.

Our Lord Himself said “suffer not the little ones to come to Me.”

Our Lord wants all of us to be saved and to be with Him forever. We remember our Lord taught us what we must do.  To be certain that we understand,  our Lord gave us teachers. Who are these teachers?  They are the Apostles,  the Saints,  the Bishops and clergy.  Saint Peter,  the great Apostle, taught us to be Holy,  just like our God is holy.

What are some of the things we can do to be Holy?
* Regularly confess our sins
* repent of our sins and stop doing them
* love our neighbor.  Is it cool to love our neighbor but then beat up our little brother or sister?

What are some other ways we can show our Lord that we love our neighbor?
  Help our parents
  Help our siblings
  Help in Church.

Just like we have responsibilities at home, we have responsibilities in Church:
… do we get ourselves prepared and ready on Sunday morning?
… do we help our parents so that we can leave promptly to go to Church?
… do we stand reverently in Church or do we figit and distract others?
… do we follow along with the service,  listening carefully to the words?
… do we clean up after ourselves?
… do we offer to help pickup?
… do we give thanks when we have received Holy Communion?

Remember how we said earlier that our Lord wants us to be holy?  Let’s see another example of how we accomplish this. Just before the start of Great Lent we hear a powerful Gospel lesson about the Last Judgement.  The Lord compares all of us to sheep and goats.  What are the criteria the Lord uses in the judgement?
… did we feed the hungry
… did we visit the sick
… did we clothe the naked
… did we visit those who were imprisoned

Have we done any of these things? Remember what our Lord said,  “when we do these things to others,  it is like we do them to our Lord. ”

Good habits start early.  What we learn as children,  we will do when we are adults. When we are young we can use an excuse that we were young and foolish.  When we grow up,  what will be our excuse?

Someone once said that Church was boring.  When I was a child I thought school was boring. Now I recognize its importance. Without school I would not have learned. Learning helped me to grow andunderstand. When we attend the services in Church and listen carefully,  we learn. We learn to be children of God and friends of God.

Each day I read the local news and get so saddened when I see Greek or Russian kids have problems with the law.  In my heart I imagine they are Orthodox and I ask how they could do these things.  Weren’t they raised in the Church? Weren’t they taught to know right from wrong?  Weren’t they taught responsibility? If we love God and want to be Holy,  how can we possibly do these things?

Have you ever heard this saying,  “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD,  DON’T DO THAT?”
Think about that.  Would any of us do something mean and hurtful to another person if we truly believe in God? What if someone were about to hurt us?  Wouldn’t we beg that person not to hurt us if they love God?

When we do good things, we should remember that these are gifts to our Lord. When we help at home and at Church we give beautiful gifts to God.  The next time you give your parents a hug,  do it like you are giving God a hug. Parents should do the same.  When we do something good we should remember that we did it for God.