An Excerpt from the Life of the Holy Hierarch Glicherie, the Confessor of Romania, on the Occasion of His Holy Commemoration (June 15/28, 1985) we have previously mentioned [elsewhere in the work from which this excerpt is taken], following an episode in June of 1932 in Rădășeni, Father Glicherie suffered a permanent wound to the leg, which at times caused him unbearable pains. However, the Grace of God miraculously strengthened and consoled him, so that he was able to perform his extremely vital duties. Sometimes he experienced relief from the pain in his leg while celebrating the Divine Mysteries.

On the Feast of St. Paraskeve the New of Epivat (October 14), the minor Feast of the Church in Rădășeni, the Saint was serving Great Vespers on the eve of the Feast, when he felt severe pain from his wound, so much so that he could not go out with the Icon of the Saint during the Lite. So, he fell down with tears and fervently besought the Saint to allow him to do what he had to do, and at once the pain miraculously ceased! Thus, he was also able to celebrate the Divine Liturgy the next day in festive style, in honor of the great wonder-working Saint and patroness of Moldavia.
On another occasion, he was bedridden, completely incapable of standing on his wounded leg. While he was in this condition, a man came to him and informed him that he should hasten urgently to commune a woman of advanced years, who was dying. The Saint endeavored to get up, but it was obvious that he could not stand on the leg that was giving him problems. Thus, the man who had been sent to him departed. However, he returned before long and announced that the woman’s condition had worsened and that she was going to die shortly. Nevertheless, once again the Saint, despite his efforts, was unable to stand on his sore leg.

When he was again alone, he was tormented by the dilemma of what he ought to do in order that the woman should not die without Divine Communion. So, he attempted to get up again, and—Oh, Thy wonders, O Christ our King!—the pain ceased! He went swiftly to the Church, prepared what was necessary, and walked the two kilometers or more to the house of the dying woman without any difficulty, arriving in time reverently to commune her. As soon as he returned to his lodgings, the pain in his leg overwhelmed him and forced him back into bed! After scarcely a quarter of an hour had passed, he heard the tolling of the Church bell announcing the repose of the woman whom he had gone in a miraculous way to commune!
Truly, the judgments of God are a “great abyss” [i.e., unfathomable}!