On this day we celebrate the memory of our righteous and Godbearing Father Gerasimus the New, who was of Trikkala of the Peloponnesus,
and whose august and holy relics are preserved incorrupt in Cephalonia.
Gerasimus hath taken a most goodly crown
From the right hand of the Lord Who is on high.

The Synaxarion from Matins

O ye God-lovers, let us acclaim the divine Gerasimus, the godlike ascetic, the newly-appeared star of the East; for while yet living, he struggled greatly in the unceasing vigils, payer, and he standeth before the Lord with great boldness. Wherefore, even after death, his divine relics are an unceasing source of miracles for them that draw nigh, for whom he intercedeth unceasingly with Christ God that they be granted great mercy.

In the Heavenly mansions, O righteous one, together with the choirs of the saints, thy spirit doth rejoice eternally. And with much splendour is thy divine and venerable body preserved in Cephalonia, pouring forth streams of miracles and cures. For they that glorify God are made radiant by Him with crowns of glory. Wherefore, intercede thou with the Lord, O God-bearing Gerasimus, that they who piously celebrate thy venerable memory find mercy.

Thus spake Abba Gerasimus unto the nuns: My little children, be at peace among yourselves, and be not high-minded, but humble yourselves for the sake of the Lord Who humbled Himself for our sakes, even to the form of a servant; for He Himself said that He granteth grace unto the humble. Call to remembrance that ye renounced the things of the world, and were joined unto Christ, Who is more comely in beauty than all mortals, and Who hath promised His Kingdom unto them that crucify themselves and their passions, and follow Him in truth. Wherefore, be vigilant, and pray that ye may escape the snares and traps of the corrupter of souls. And may Christ, the Friend of man, preserve you from them, and grant you the forgiveness of sins through me, the lowly one, in the day of judgment.

Hymns from the Entreaty and the Aposticha

The holy Gerasimos reposed on the 15th of August, the Dormition of our Lady the Theotokos. In all reverence and fear of God, the Church has translated his feast to the 20th day of October, on which is his glorious relics were uncovered and found to be incorrupt, thus confirming his God-pleasing life and sanctity.

On the island of Cephalonia, his memory celebrated on both the 16th of August and the 20th of October.

With what hymns can we laud thee, o divine Gerasimos, the newly revealed diadem of the crown of Christ. In great need thy faithful people hasten to thee to intercede with the Master of all for mercy and healings of all manner of infirmity. Thou hast truly been revealed to the world as a worker of wonders, a healer of the ailing, and one with great boldness to cast forth the demons.

Accept the odes of praise from thy sinful flock and pray unto Christ our God for those who honor thee.