How often it is that we lament the passing of time.  It is true that we lead busy lives and we struggle to find quiet time.  There is so much beauty around us and so many tiny miracles, it is so common that we look right past them. Our thoughts race and our senses struggle to keep pace.

We openly acknowledge this when we bemoan that the holiday has passed too quickly or that the weekend is over. How have we spent our time? Like a bank account with finite resources,  our time budget quickly depletes with foolish use. 

How can we spend our time wisely?  One could ponder this for a lifetime and still lack an answer. The answer to this question is easy, yet its application is exceedingly difficult. The Holy Apostle Paul offers many suggestions for us,  perhaps the first is to pray without ceasing. The benefits of this are astounding!  Prayer slows our thoughts and stills the mind. It draws us closer to the Lord and fills our heart with a sweetness and peace to refresh us.  Prayer helps us to quell the raging thoughts and to increase our focus and attentiveness.

When we pray, do we allow ourselves to concentrate on each and every word or do we give in to distracting thoughts?  When thoughts appear,  do we take delight in them or do we banish them?  Prayer is most beneficial when we strive for peace.  It had been said that some of the Fathers would pray simply and ask the Lord to help them to pray. So well did they understand the mind and its wild nature.  Great effort is needed to reign in the thoughts.

Recently we celebrated the secular holiday of Thanksgiving. Truly each and every day for us should be a day of giving thanks.  We must give thanks to the Lord for guiding us in the pilgrimage of this life.  We give thanks to the Lord for helping us to bear our burdens. We give thanks to the Lord for our loving families and we give thanks unto the Lord for the abundance we have receiving according to His great mercy and love for us. Let us keep Thanksgiving each and every day!

Pondering these blessings we take charge of our time and we seek to multiply the talents given to us from or Master. Time is fleeting but God is immortal. Let us therefor o brethren let the world pass away while we reach out and take hold of our Lord’s hand for He is the Author of every good thing. The world passes away, only God is eternal.