When earthly sojourning is ended, how fearful is the passing of the soul to the world of the Spirit. What human mind can contemplate the glory of the Jerusalem on high, unknown to the earthly world. The soul returns to its fatherland, where in the bright sun, the righteousness of God, enlightens those who sing: Alleluia!

From the Akathist of the Reposed

Beloved faithful, we offer hymns for a recently departed servant-of-God. Death is the common destiny of man. It is a great mystery and a source of sorrow and fear for many. Outside of the Church this is the most tragic of events one will ever encounter. Within the bosom of the Church, we receive comfort with the hope of the mercy of the living God.  The Church reminds us daily in the sacred hymns of the love of our man-befriending God and of His boundless mercy.

As the older generation passes and is gathered unto their fathers, the light of the truth slowly dims. Our forebearers carried the unwavering love of the faith in their hearts. This faith guided every aspect of their lives and gave them the shield and breastplate to overcome every adversary and adversity.

This generation loses a witness with the passing of each of our parents-in-the-faith. Their faith was forged in times of great trial, tempest, and material need. The love of God comforted them in their every need. They were filled with a unique understanding of the Theology of the Church, this knowledge was not gained academically but rather through practice.

May our Lord grant that we too grow strong in the faith, filled with the zeal of our fathers!

With the Saints grant rest, O Christ, to the soul of Thy servant, where there is neither pain nor sorrow nor sighing, but life unending.