O all-hymned Mother, who didst bear the  Word Who is  more  holy  than all the  Saints, as thou receivest this our offering, rescue  us  all  from every  calamity,  and deliver  from future  torment those who cry with one voice: Alleluia 

Behold these eloquent words from the Akathist to our most holy Lady,  the Theotokos and ever virgin Mary. 

This most compunctionate hymn adorns the homes of those pious souls who were raised in the faith. Generations of faithful have been taught the Akathist as a staple of their prayer life.  In the Akathist we behold the great mystery of our Lord’s incarnation and the role of our Lady in the salvation if mankind.  Truly,  she is the Mother of Life and all generations shall call her blessed! 

 As it is natural for a child to seek after their mother, so we Orthodox Christians seek after our Mother, the Theotokos. She is the earthly desire of the faithful and the example for mankind. For these and countless other reasons the faithful flee to thee o Theotokos. 

Many are the sorrows and worries in this life.  Beloved faithful,  let us remember these words in times of our every need:

Turn not thy servants away with empty hands, for Thee alone do we have as our only hope.
Lady do Thou receive the supplications of Thy slaves and deliver us from every affliction and necessity.
Unto thee do I commit mine every hope o Mother of God, guard me under the shelter.