Beloved faithful:
Often I hear from Orthodox Christians that they wish they had edifying information about the faith, the lives of the Saints, and the scripture readings.
Well, thanks to the efforts of others. I can provide you with some nice resources that you can keep at your finger tips.
Reading the daily scripture is such an uplifting and important way for us to battle life’s continuing challenges. The lives of the Saints show us how to live a life in Christ and what it means to live a life according to the Gospel. Many today think this is not possible, but it is indeed possible!
The Gospel gives us a “user manual” for life and teaches us how to love others, how to love ourselves, and most importantly, how to love God! If we can acquire this love, then we will acquire such joy and peace! Yes this is a lifelong struggle and journey…but this journey is so sweet!
I have pointed many of our faithful to these options as they provide daily scripture readings and brief lives of Saints celebrated each day.
For Windows:
Orthodox Calendar: 
Menologion 3.0
Here is the path the installation file for this incredible application. The above website is a subset of the features of this app.
The app is also available on both Apple and Android devices. Search the app stores for Orthodox Calendar.
The Saints were real people – they worried, they laughed, they cried! They came from all occupations and manner of life, but they all have acquired the “one thing needful” – a burning love of God and faith that in Him, all things are possible!
May these resources help you to also strive after and seek that “One thing needful”, which is Christ!