O God, thou knowest my foolishness; and my sins are not hid from thee. Psalms 68:5

How often we watch-the-clock during the work day, hoping for the day to end. How many of us wish for the work day to finish so that we can get on with our lives. We might even go so far as to wish, beg, plead for the time to pass quickly! We have given ourselves to foolishness.

To one who is spiritually minded, a fearful paradox emerges. They despair, in a godly-wise manner, that the time passes quickly. They remember the words from the Divine Liturgy to “pass the remaining time of our lives in peace and repentance” and pray to spend the rest of their life in prayer, peace, and repentance. They understand the length of time for repentance, prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and good works is drawing to a close. Time passes, but the sins remain! Hands at prayer

The daily grind has beaten us down and demoralized us.  It has caused us to lose our senses! We begin to loathe the day, wishing our life away! O foolish generation! Empty and lost is the time that is not spent profitably. Combat the daily grind with spiritual thoughts! A prayer rope in the pocket can be retrieved at a moments notice. Use it and cast away all temptations!

Look around you at work, how many of your co-workers have plugged their ears with ear buds. Well, do the same but play spiritually uplifting music. The benefits are many – chants, hymns, even services are very peaceful and can increase our focus and attention. The chants lead us to dispassion, calming the storm of thoughts, which cause anxiety and worry. Bring a small icon for your desk and look at repeatedly throughout the day to keep focus on what is most needful. Set a “watch before your mouth and a door of enclosure round about your lips” so that you do not utter vain and foolish things.

Seize the day and do not let the time pass without benefit!

Note: Here are some resources for you to help you to get through the workday…

IMPORTANT: There are many incredibly uplifting videos of chant on Youtube. Of course, please exercise great caution because of the atrocious adds and suggested links.

Depending on the browser you use, and your ability, you can actually download these videos for local viewing. Firefox offers some addins to assist with this. If you have interest, please respond in the Comments and I can direct you on some good options.

Many services

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