Image result for Saint Ieronymos   Let us entrust our life to God, and may it be done as He wishes. Whatever the outcome may be for us, that’s the one that is for our good. For God does not want the perdition of man, but his salvation. There is no need for despair, rather we should have courage and hope in God. Despair is disbelief. He who sincerely believes in God never despairs. You despair because you don’t believe in the power of God, Who governs all things. Without God we cannot do anything. Excessive sorrow and despair are of the tempter. When I was in Constantinople, and they would tell me to leave, I did not even want to hear of it, I preferred that they should kill me. But the thought comforted me that maybe God wished it. And when I was practically compelled to leave, I learned some time later that many of those who remained were killed by the Turks. Always say, “May Thy will be done.’ Have joy and sorrow as guests, but not despair. No matter how much sorrow the evil one brings, do not despair. Say, ‘I have my Christ, He was crucified for me and loves me.’ When you have a difficult case, you hand it over to a lawyer, and you don’t speak, he speaks for you. And so it is now. Entrust what bothers you to God and He will take it over. Run to our Christ, implore Him to give you strength, do not despair. You are the work of His hands. He will help you.
St. Ieronymos of Aegina