Image result for st john chrysostom icon“For there exist, there really exist, ways which are even more important
than abstinence from food which can open the gates which lead to God with
boldness. He, therefore, who eats and cannot fast, let him display richer
almsgiving, let him pray more, let him have a more intense desire to hear
divine words. In this, our somatic illness is not a hindrance. Let him
become reconciled with his enemies, let him distance from his soul every
resentment. If he wants to accomplish these things, then he has done the
true fast, which is what the Lord asks of us more than anything else. It is
for this reason that he asks us to abstain from food, in order to place the
flesh in subjection to the fulfillment of his commandments, whereby curbing
its impetuousness.”

St. John Chrysostom, On Fasting