Our own age is a time of self-will and confusion that have spread
from modern freethought into the Church of Christ herself, when
even Orthodox hierarchs depart from the straight, narrow path
of faithfulness to Holy Orthodoxy…To be Orthodox it is not enough to lead a “good” life, trusting to one’s own judgement to determine what such a life is;
it is not enough, even, to call oneself Orthodox, to believe the whole
of Christian doctrine, and to profess fidelity to canonical Orthodoxy
if these are no more than words which one’s actions belie.
There are laws of the spiritual life, and laws of religious practice as well
as of doctrine. These are not the goals, but they are indispensable means
to the goal of the Christian life. It is those who are faithful to these
in spirit as well as letter, those who truly follow the guidance of this sure rudder, who belong to the true Church of Christ, the ark of salvation.

The Orthodox Word

September-October, 1965, p.161