has left America an inestimable treasure, the sense of true
Orthodoxy that was instilled in it by saintly missionaries, first in
Alaska, then spreading gradually south and east.
These holy men, instructors of the True Faith, emitted the fragrance of
the Holy Spirit like incense before God, and thus bequeathed to their
descendents the savor of genuine Christianity, which, if it be not lost, makes
of believers the salt of the earth, preserving and imparting the life in Christ.

while full of movement and excitement,
offers nothing of lasting value, and threatens only to deprive
slumbering believers of this precious savor.

heralds a darkness greater than ever before, as it prepares
the universal triumph of pseudo-Christianity; but, hidden from the world,
militant Orthodox Christians will preserve their spiritual treasure,
selling everything else to buy the field in which it is buried, and will prepare,
in watchfulness and prayer, to meet the coming Christ.

The Orthodox Word
1965 Vol 1, No. 6 November-December
Printed by the Father Herman Brotherhood