St. Juliana of Nicomedia

In these days of broken marriages, broken hearts, broken genders and a broken society, we see awful role-models all around us. Now, perhaps more so than ever before in history, we need steady, stable, and saintly examples to anchor us amidst the torrents of lunacy that has engulfed society.

For the godly-minded, we need look no further than the shining examples of the Saints. Today we celebrate the memory of Juliana, the glorious maiden from Nicomedia. She was a radiant star and her memory still shines brightly in the heavens, offering a guide for wayward souls.

In Saint Juliana, the Lord has provided a crucial example for our youth and the importance of confessing their faith, even to the point of renouncing a potential spouse. How few of us have the courage to stand firm as did this righteous pillar of confession. Truly, what benefit can there be in a relationship when the betrothed hold-back? When there lacks one-ness of faith to a couple looking to wed, there is already division. When one has compromised on an important issue, it will be all the more convenient to compromise on lesser matters until we find ourselves collapsing on trivialities. Relationships built on the foundations of selflessness stand greater chance at success; relationships built on selfishness are destined for ruin.

Lord, vouchsafe our youth to learn from Thy radiant beacon, St. Juliana, to remain steadfast in their faith!

Inline image 1This glorious virgin and martyr was born in Nicomedia of pagan parents. Hearing the Gospel preached, she turned to Christ with all her heart and began to live in exact observance of the Lord’s commandments. Eleusius, a senator, was her betrothed. In order to turn him away, Juliana told him that she would marry him only if he became the eparch of that city. She suggested this to him, thinking that this young man would never attain such a high position. Nevertheless, Eleusius tried and, by flattery and bribery, attained the post of Eparch of Nicomedia. Juliana then revealed to him that she was a Christian and could not enter into marriage with him until he embraced her Faith, saying: “What does it benefit us to be united physically but divided spiritually?” Embittered by this, Eleusius denounced her…