Holy Attraction

Related imageHave you ever played with magnets, really strong magnets? If so, you remember that opposites attract, positive charges repel. You might also remember from using magnets to hold up items on the fridge, the more stuff between the magnet and the metal, the less strength in the magnet and greater the chance for the whole bunch of papers to fall to the floor.

Isn’t our spiritual life similar to this? God is pure love and goodness, the source of every good thing. The more worldly thoughts and cares we place between ourselves and the Lord, the less strong the divine attraction. Our hearts become cluttered and we slowly slide down the side of the fridge until we fall on the floor – spiritually speaking!

If we make our hearts an abode for the Holy Spirit, we enter into that “holy attraction” and the less worldly cares, the stronger the pull, the force / the attraction to the holy things. If however our hearts and minds are filled with distractions, we make the choice to flip over the magnet and fool ourselves into thinking we can be like gods, managing our own affairs and doing things according to our own will – the magnets repel and we move further and further away until we fall into the abyss.

To prevent further calamity, we need to flip over the magnet. This act of flipping over the spiritual magnet is repentance.

O Lord, purify my heart and make it a temple for Thine immaculate Body and Blood!