Beloved faithful, Christ is Risen! Let us who have beheld the Resurrection of Christ, worship our holy Lord Jesus, Who is without sin…. He is the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world!

The Prophets and Patriarchs rejoice on the saving day of the new Passover – the Lord’s Passover (the Pascha of the Lord).

Great is our joy and great is God Who fulfilled the promises made to the Prophets. Saint Justin beautifully connects the passion and resurrection of Lord to the sacrificial lamb, offered in Egypt. All that the Lord hath willed He hath done. (cf ps 134).

He returns to the Mosaic laws, and proves that they were figures of the
things which pertain to Christ.

“The mystery, then, of the lamb which God enjoined to be sacrificed as the
passover, was a type of Christ; with whose blood, in proportion to their faith
in Him, they anoint their houses, i.e., themselves, who believe on Him. For
that the creation which God created – to wit, Adam – was a house for the spirit
which proceeded from God, you all can understand. And that this injunction
was temporary, I prove thus.

God does not permit the lamb of the passover to be sacrificed in any other
place than where His name was named; knowing that the days will come, after
the suffering of Christ, when even the place in Jerusalem shall be given over
to your enemies, and all the offerings, in short, shall cease; and that lamb
which was commanded to be wholly roasted was a symbol of the suffering of
the cross which Christ would undergo.

For the lamb, which is roasted, is roasted and dressed up in the form of the
cross. For one spit is transfixed right through from the lower parts up to the
head, and one across the back, to which are attached the legs of the lamb. And
the two goats which were ordered to be offered during the fast, of which one
was sent away as the scape [goat], and the other sacrificed, were similarly
declarative of the two appearances of Christ: the first, in which the elders of
your people, and the priests, having laid hands on Him and put Him to death,
sent Him away as the scape [goat]; and His second appearance, because in the
same place in Jerusalem you shall recognise Him whom you have
dishonoured, and who was an offering for all sinners willing to repent, and
keeping the fast which Isaiah speaks of, loosening the terms 2056 of the violent
contracts, and keeping the other precepts, likewise enumerated by him, and
which I have quoted, 2057 which those believing in Jesus do. And further, you
are aware that the offering of the two goats, which were enjoined to be
sacrificed at the fast, was not permitted to take place similarly anywhere else,
but only in Jerusalem

Chapter 40, Dialogue of Justin, Philosopher and Martyr, with Trypho, a Jew