… Let us also seek the radiant face of the Lord in order to feel the pleasure by which the angels of God become intoxicated. If we are going to seek Him with yearning in this life, then we will see Him, at least, in the other life. If we do not seek Him in this life, then we will not see him either in this life or in the other life. Brethren, let us yearn for the face of Christ!

Blessed Nikolai of Zica

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Let us spend each and every minute of each and every day of our lives seeking after our beloved, Christ our God!

Some years ago I overheard a rather amusing conversation between a man who was “softly inquiring” about the Orthodox Church and a member of the clergy. The topic of the discussion was the icon of the Holy Mandilyon (also called the Holy Napkin) and how it was also called the “Icon not made by hands”.

Our inquisitive friend had traveled to Russia and seen this icon and mused how the icon not painted by hands had paint strokes that were clearly visible. I would tend to agree, many renderings of this miraculous icon do indeed have visible paint strokes. The clergy gently cleared up our friend’s misunderstanding that these icons are painted after the archtype, which was created by the miraculous act accomplished by our Saviour when He wiped His face on the cloth and directed that it be presented to Abgar, the Prince of Edessa.

For more information about Prince Abgar and the icon, see:

According to the earlier words of Blessed Nikolai, we are not to seek the things of this life, but rather to seek after Christ. Icons, prayers, fasting, and other acts of piety lead and strengthen us to follow this life-long journey.