Beloved, wondrous is God in His Saints!
The hymns to the Saints lift our hearts, clear our minds, and bring peace to our souls whilst we render praise and glory to those whom the Lord has glorified. The Saints are the model and example for us leading us ever closer to our Lord. By their struggles, they have assured us that the path of salvation is one each of us can and must travel in our life. They are our guides and show us that we too can travel that path.

About Saint Gerasimos

“Gerasimus was from Trikala in the Peloponnese of the prominent Notaras family. He was born in 1509.
He lived a life of asceticism on Mount Athos, and then in Palestine, where he fasted for forty days. After that, he settled on the island of Cephalonia, where he founded a convent. By his prayer he brought down rain, healed the sick, and foretold the future. He rested in the Lord on August 15, 1579.
Gerasimus was a miracle-worker both during his life and after his repose.”

From the Prologue of Ochrid by St. Nikolai

About the Canticle

The Canticle is a “paraliturgical hymn”, which does not have a defined place in the services. The Canticle may be used at the various times such as the distribution of Antidoron, processions, and dismissals.

For the original melody of “O Queen of All Creation” :

Chanted by the nuns of Pentelis convent, Attiki, Greece.

Chanted by Protopsaltis John Presson

A Canticle to St. Gerasimus of Cephalonia

                                        O Queen of all Creation

Thou who didst seek thy whole life, * and then didst make thine own *Pure love for God and neighbor * —pray make thou intercessions * That I may do the same.

Thine incorrupt and fragrant * relics which wrought great signs, *Most mightily did muzzle * the prating of the heathen *Who sought to shake our Faith.

Forsaking country, kindred, * and wealth thou wast on earth *A stranger, like our Saviour, * Whose Kingdom thou didst seek out * And where thou now dost reign.

Send down the saving fear of * Christ God into my heart, * And light the way before me, * that after my sojourn here * I, too, may dwell on high.

Christ God hath richly given * thee rare and wondrous gifts; * Hence, of that great abundance * now shine on us, who laud thee, *O blest Gerasimus.

O exorcist of demons, * swift healer of the sick, * Now drive off gloom and darkness, * brought on by wicked Satan, * And save my lowly soul.

Thou didst bear evils bravely, * casting thine ev’ry care, * On Christ the Judge of all men, * Who seeing thy great patience * Hath glorified thy name.

Thou didst instruct the faithful * to follow Christ the Lamb; * Hence, do thou also guide us, * who trust in thy true wisdom, * To His great Fold on high.

As thou didst make that drought cease, * which ravaged all the land, * So now, O wondrous Father, * send rains of grace upon me * To soften my hard heart.

O ornament of true monks, * Father of pious nuns, * Defender of the faithful– * keep us all safe from dark snares, * And lead us all to Christ.

The demons have no power * when thy great name is called; * Hence, send thy grace upon us- * and free us from temptations, * Divine Gerasimus.

The daylight saw thy labours, * nighttime thy prayers and tears; * Thus, all creation marvelled, * as did both men and Angels, * O great Gerasimus.

By many pains and labours * thou didst make thy pure soul * A dwelling of the Spirit, * Who crowned thee with divine gifts * To aid the Church of Christ.

When thou didst swiftly chasten * that priest who struck the maid, * Who was possessed and stricken, * thou didst reveal thy great love, * As thou didst make her whole.

Near Jordan’s venerable streams * thou didst fast forty days, * In search of Christ the Saviour, Who seeing thy great labours * Increased thy strength and grace.

                                     And then, we repeat the first verse.

Thou who didst seek thy whole life, * and then didst make thine own *Pure love for God and neighbor * —pray make thou intercessions * That I may do the same.

Copyright 2018 Ephraim Figueroa; used with permission.