The Prologue – a treasure-trove for a busy world

Beloved faithful, many of us these days feel the crushing weight of responsibilities. We are surrounded by so many worries and concerns and find it difficult during the day to refresh ourselves with prayer and spiritual readings.

The Lord has not forgotten us but has blessed us in these latter times with righteous and holy fathers that have provided us means to continue our struggles with materials to both edify the soul and strengthen our faith. One such father is Blessed Nikolai Velimirovitch. His epic writing, known as the Prologue of Ochrid, is just such a precious treasure. There are various Facebook pages, webistes, and even mobile apps that share these beautiful writings. Here is a brief list of sources, though countless others exist:

The format of the Prologue is quite simple, it provides a short vitae for the Saints commemorated on the day. Blessed Nikolai also provides a brief homily and words of reflection, drawing on the lives and examples of the Saints celebrated that day.

These readings take 10 minutes or less and can be a wonderful way to start our day. So grab you cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or whatever and while you nourish your bellies, read the daily entry from the Prologue to nourish your soul.