In faith, O ye people, leap for joy while clapping your hands; and gather in gladness on this day with longing and shout in radiant jubilance. For the Theotokos cometh nigh to departing from the earth unto the heights; and we glorify her with glory as the Mother of God in our unceasing hymns. Dismissal hymn for the Forefeast of our Lady’s Dormition.

Concerning the celebration of the Forefeast, in her wisdom the Church of God has set aside special days of commemoration prior to the great feasts of the Lord and His Mother. On this day we increase our preparation for the feast of the Dormition as if we were anticipating the arrival of an honoured guest. For truly, who in all creation was more honoured than our most-holy Lady Theotokos. For in her, humanity has found a great model of piety, love, humility, patience, and all of the other virtues. What more can we say, we need only look to the divine services of the Church for enlightenment and to help us render love, honor, and worship that is due to the Mother of God:

“Acclaiming the Feast of Exodus in anticipation”, “let us praise the honorable repose of the Mother of God”: “For the Mother of God, the Golden ark, now prepares to pass over from earth to heaven”, and, “For tomorrow the Queen of all, bound for the mansions of Heaven, commits her soul into the hands of the Son”.

Singing “the Forefeast” hymns and “celebrating the all-splendid memory of your honored Dormition”, “Coming to the tomb of the Virgin let us faithful begin striving to offer up divine incense”, “at Her divine burial with one mind with the heavenly hosts” “let us sing a hymn at her burial”.