Pascha in the age of “Corona” will be the most unusual Pascha that many of us have ever celebrated. Grandparents and elders that witnessed the Communist oppression of the last century can teach us about the depths of struggle to attend services for the “Feast of feasts”. This pales in comparison.

For the rest of us, the thought of being locked out of the Church is hard to comprehend. Though the cause is a dangerous virus, the ordinance to lock the public places is mandated from State and local government.

To many this seems an inconvenience, but to the sober-minded and discerning there is more to see. The Church has not suffered any open persecution during this time, though some so-called churches have deliberately acted against the local directives, leading to reproach, fines, and some public indignation. There is a lesson to be learned by each and every one of us. Examine your faith at this time. If we have wavered during this present test, what will be our state when darker times arrive? How will we persist when the doors of the Churches are locked, when even streaming isn’t allowed? Yea brethren this is indeed a test to rouse us out of our spiritual lethargy,

There are always certain voices that distract us with their fiery warnings of apcalypse but let us not be mislead or deceived. It is not of any benefit for to seek out the times or the season, The Church shall always prevail. This is part of a narrative that is still unfolding – but we already know the ending. remember this!

Though we sorrow now because of inconvenience, be comforted by celebrating the Pascha. Whether we are able to attend services or we are forced to observe them remotely, we CAN be present spiritually in prayer, pick up your prayer book and read the service. Chant the hyms! The Paschal Canon is the most triumphant and joyful of all compositions in our divine services! Pascha is our joy! Pascha is the thing most longed for. Pascha is the light in the world of spiritual darkness.

Beloved, this year, our celebrations will be reduced and Pascha will feel differently to us. Our usual celebrations will the muted as we will not be able to keep the Feast with friends family. This year we will celebrate with angels! Do not despair, for This is the day of Resurrection let us be radiant!