The repose of St. Tikhon is celebrated on April 7.

“The more I study the history of the Orthodox Church in this country, the more I am convinced that our work here is God’s work; that God himself is helping us . . . we have to guard sacredly the Orthodox faith, to stand firm in it, disregarding the fact that we live in a non-Orthodox country; not giving heed to opinions one hears, such as: ‘This is not the Old Country, here. This is a free land.’ Therefore, supposedly, we may not have to observe everything that the Church requires. As if the Word of God is suitable only for the Old Country and not for the whole world. As if the Church of Christ is not catholic! As if the Orthodox Faith is not the one that ‘sustains the universe!'” – from St. Tikhon’s 1907 Speech to the All-American Council in Mayfield, Pennsylvania